Friday 11 May 2012


The area of part-cleared woodland turned over so vigorously by the first of the Holland Park pigs is a glorious sight at this time of year, a tribute to their wonder-working snouts. Queen Anne lace, campion, alkanet, Jack-by-the-hedge and St John's wort are all abundantly in flower, with (still) drifts of bluebells, not to mention green nettles and goosegrass... This lunchtime, for a wonder, the sun was briefly out, and the pig-made flower meadow was quite startlingly beautiful, the greens very bright and green indeed after a month of rain, setting off the colours of the flowers to perfection - and the sun, brief though it was, brought out the butterflies. Whites small and Large (the latter, surprisingly, my first of the year) were flapping around, Holly Blues darting busily about, a Speckled Wood basking in a sunny patch, and bright Orange Tips exploring the possibilities of the meadow. After such a dismal April, it was a joy to see them again. Let's hope there's more sun on the way.


  1. Once again the north south divide rears it's head, the sun? a known unknown in the far north. The cuckoo arrived on Wednesday, cuckooed all afternoon in our trees, by Thursday, continuous rain, 5 degrees and falling, the poor thing had been set on silent. Three nights of frost has ruined the Gunnera, browned the emerging Beech leaves and buggered the Euphorbia. The flycatchers are reduced to eating grass, the deer are munching the rhododendrons and Mr Badger is opencast mining for worms.We collect frog spawn every year and store in large vessels until the tadpoles appear, saving them from the heron, mallards and moorhen. I poured them back into the pond on Wednesday, a flash torrent yesterday (the pond is fed by a burn) has the tadders by now in the north sea.
    At Dawyck today, the RHS Scotland's woodland garden near Peebles, it snowed, they are considering closing on Sunday, very high winds are forecast.

    Using the power of the internet I observed, via webcams, that the temperature in Wiesbaden was 30 degrees and the skies over Florence a magnificent clear blue, compounding the misery. Junior, arriving in Newcastle on the five PM flight from Düsseldorf tells us that he thought he had been redirected to Reykjavik.

    Still, mustn't grumble.

  2. Ah Malty - Comment of the Month again! I only wish I had a bottle of Glengoyne to send you (along with the thermal blankets)...

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