Tuesday 22 May 2012

Olympian Glimmers

Some glimmers of heartening news from the Nazi torch relay, as it makes its tortuous way from Cornwall, to widespread spectator disappointment. Firstly, the 'eternal flame' is periodically going out (owing to a 'malfunctioning burner' - who'd have known?), providing a little comic business along the way. And then there's the glorious news that several of the torchbearers have been so overwhelmed with the 'honour' bestowed on them that they've coughed up the 200 sovs to buy their torches and whacked them straight onto eBay at prices up to £100,000. This surely is a sign that, even as this once proud nation bends to the IOC yoke, we have not entirely taken leave of our senses.


  1. Oh you poor cynical Londoners. We had a great time waving it through Brizzle. Got out of work early, sun shining, everybody happy. Brit Jnr had a small flag and a paper Olympic torch she made at nursery. Brit Jnr Minor cried all the way through but otherwise good fun.

  2. You lucky Bristolians won't be trying to go about your business this summer in a gridlocked (and probably riot-torn) city under the iron heel of the corrupt cryptofascist IOC. I'm with Brit Jr Minor!