Friday 15 March 2013

Butterfly News (from elsewhere)

Speaking for myself, I've yet to see a single butterfly this year. I guess that's hardly surprising, as down my way there's only been one day of anything like vernal warmth so far - but there's surprising news on the Butterfly Conservation website of a couple of very early sightings: an Orange Tip as long ago as 27 February and a Small Copper on 5 March (and the Speckled Wood put in an even earlier appearance than last year - in Cornwall on New Year's Day!). Overall, though, the picture is not good, with no Whites (Large, Small or Green-Veined) and no Holly Blues yet. This time last year, I remember, we were building up to an early spring heatwave - but alas there's no sign of any such thing this year as the Southeast still shivers under grey drizzly skies. The other night I dreamed a Speckled Wood, a Meadow Brown and a Large Skipper. I console myself that I shall soon see them - and many another - in the waking world, however unlikely that seems now, in the dismal fag-end of this long dreary winter. As a butterfly lover, I can't help wishing we'd get some of that warming we were so confidently promised by the Experts at the turn of the century.


  1. I saw my first on Saturday Nige, even here in the exotic Mid Atlantic it was a good old Cabbage White. Might have got a distant view of something brimstone'ish too (Sulfur over here) But now its pouring with rain again and freezing cold so thats it for a day or two. Still, like you I'll have more in a while. Looking back I had Orange Tips and Henrys Elfins this time last year. But then again it had been 70f for a week.

  2. Glad you've had some consolation Banished - still a blank sheet for me, and the weather only getting worse. Henry's Elfin I'd never heard of - wonderful name! Looks a bit like our Meadow Brown but more interesting...

  3. I had a cabbage white emerge from a chrysalis in my office last week and flutter doomedly around the place