Tuesday 5 March 2013

Happy Days

Patrick Kurp recently posted some wise words from John Updike about the pleasures of growing older - or rather the pleasures that we become more intensely aware of as we age, consoling us with what has been there all along. Another of the pleasures that come with ageing - at least for some of us - is that of seeing new lives beginning, as our children have their children, and we grandparents revisit the wonder and joy of early parenthood, this time at one remove, without the sharp urgency, the edge of danger and novelty and fearful responsibility of the first time around. This time the joy is more mellow and relaxed, enriched and deepened by the perspective of years. Or so it has been for me over the past wonderful month, with my baby grandson (the aforementioned Frankly Adorable Sam) and his lovely mother over from their New Zealand home. Sadly they leave tomorrow, in the early morning, and the parting will be painful indeed. But life will go on, sweeter and richer for all the concentrated happiness and love of the past few weeks. And there's always Skype, thank heavens...

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