Friday 1 March 2013

St David and More

Today is, as Google's dragon image reminds us, St David's Day (the one-eighth of me that's Welsh is sporting a small charity daffodil) - not to mention the day of Ss Albinus, Suitbert who managed to convert the Frisians, and Monan, 'a legendary saint about whom very little is known'. On a secular level, it is the 92nd birthday of the great American poet Richard Wilbur - an occasion I marked on this day last year. It is also the birthday of the late Welsh actress Doris Hare (b1905, d2000), a game old bird who, as well as starring in the dire sitcom On The Buses with Reg Varney and Christine Lagarde, also appeared in three entries in the Confessions canon: Confession of a Pop Star, Confessions of a Driving Instructor and Confession from a Holiday Camp. But enough of that - March 1st is also Beer Day (in Iceland), National Pig Day (in the US) and Self Injury Awareness Day. I calculate that this is therefore the worst possible day in the calendar for getting drunk and wrestling a pig. 

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