Monday 25 March 2013

Flying Flapjack

It's hard to credit this story, but it does appear to be true, and those tireless newshounds of the BBC News website have worked hard to 'stand it up'. They also, in typical BBC fashion, provide an invaluable 'Three-point [is the gag intentional? Hard to say] Guide to Flapjack'. It does not say much for Essex County Council's flapjack that it can be used as an offensive weapon - though, looking back on the school dinners of my boyhood, most of what we were served could have been so employed, and quite often was. Anything was better than eating the stuff.


  1. On the subject of BBC newshounds, I've recently spotted a few contenders for the annual 'Enter the Cardboard Box Prize for Space-Filling Prose'.

    This is by Mark Ward, in a piece about 'bacn', which is not-quite-email spam:

    "It might be heresy for some to say this, but not all bacon is welcome. Especially when we are talking bacn rather than bacon. One is all the not-quite-junk mail messages that land in your inbox and the other is the tasty stuff that sits happily alongside sausages, fried bread and the other cast members of the full English breakfast."

    And today from science editor David Shukman:

    "What is wrong with extinction? I realise this question is the conservation equivalent of a landmine - or an elephant trap. And that it is likely to ruffle a lot of fur.

    But I ask because I am merely wondering whether we sometimes forget a grim reality of the story of life on Earth - that extinction has always been with us.

    In fact, it has quite often been good for us.

    We are certainly far better off without velociraptors slashing their way through our cities. Our streets are safer with no sabre-toothed tigers. And imagine trying to swat one of those monster prehistoric insects like a vulture-sized dragonfly. "

  2. I did enjoy Ray the Inspector's euphemism---"a bit over the top"--for stark raving loony.

  3. ..and then there is the 'more on this story' wheeze, the media industries equivalent to the food industries stuffing of sausages with sawdust.

  4. By G-- Brit - it's an absolute goldmine isn't it, that BBC News website! News for the hard of thinking.

  5. Tempted to follow the "happy extinction" theme, but it has so little to do with the shape of flap jacks i'll save it... it's midday in Mongolia.