Tuesday 5 August 2008

Olympics - Good News

The good news buried in this is that 'young people' have little interest in the Olympics. A rare display of taste and discernment from the 'young people' there, and one which offers a glimmer of hope that, in years to come, the whole sorry spectacle might at least be scaled down, if not (as some of use would prefer) towed out to sea and nuked (okay, I grant you, not a very realistic scenario). The Olympic machine is one of those mighty juggernauts that rolls on, powered by hot air and vested interests, long after it has lost any purpose, relevance or popular support - - the European Union and the United Nations are other conspicuous examples. Perhaps, being so adept at self-preservation and relentless furthering of their interests, they will just roll on for ever, but maybe the wave of indifference among the rising generations will sink them yet.


  1. "A Summer Games was one of the sporting and television highlights of the year for today's parents and grandparents."
    No it bloody well wasn't, most of us were either on holiday or simply never watched the stuff.
    I have commented before about one of our Norwegian friends who, as PR head of one of the main Olympic sponsors was actively involved from the very beginning in the Lillehammer winter Olympics, her stories of greed and corruption made sober listening, questions are still being asked about the 30 white Volvos that sort of disappeared. I doubt anything has changed. I know one family who will not be watching this years Mingympics.

  2. Admit it, Nige. You've not been the same since the London Olympic Committee decided that they'd build on butterfly breeding ground.

  3. I'm sure you're right Dick, but such are the wonders of NigeCorp technology that that link comes up as a blank page...

  4. Funny. Works for me. But perhaps it's good that you can't read it. It involves the detailed description of butterflies sacrificed for the sake of Olympic glory.