Wednesday 13 August 2008

Plain Speaking from the Antipodes

Good to see that the Aussies seem to have got the measure of today's sporting poms. Australian journalist Ben English helpfully suggests a few events we'd be bound to excel in: 'Whingeing, dentist-dodging and glassing people in pubs', while, commenting on 'Team GB's' (ugh) unexpected successes in the swimming pool, Australia's Olympic chief John Coates remarks that 'they seem to be getting there - for a country that has very few pools and not much soap'. They're awfully good at this kind of thing, those chippy, gap-brained, knuckle-walking convicts.


  1. Dentist-finding would be an achievement these days....

  2. I'd be happy to hunt out a dentist, Nige, so long as I could use a pack of hounds and something less humane than a shotgun at the end of the chase.