Thursday 7 August 2008

Some Pointers for 2012

Here's how to have a proper Olympic Games. I hope the tug o war and bicycle polo will be revived for 2012 - they sure beat BMX biking. We should also bring back unlimited brandy and champagne in place of all those clever drugs - and make sure all the officials are English gentlemen making it up as they go along.
Perhaps 1908 wasn't perfect. It was a little careless to hold a fly fishing contest in the Olympic pool during the games - were there trout milling about beneath the swimmers, I wonder (no chlorine obviously - and the water wasn't changed). Even an organisational genius like Lord Desborough couldn't think of everything - but dammit this was a man who swam the Niagara rapids twice. Has 'Seb' Coe done that?


  1. Wimpey built a stadium to hold 130000 people for 60 grand ? you couldn't have a garage built for that now. He must have been a character to have climbed the Matterhorn three times, Not a particularly difficult climb, except these days the real danger is falling punters, tends to knock you off your perch a bit. Anyways Nige, I ain't watching the Olympics, not even if I was offered dosh.
    PS, love the shorts, very camp.

  2. I love the idea of the Americans complaining about "snobbish" refereeing by the Brits. What on earth can they have meant?