Tuesday 23 December 2008

Grappa and Humbugs

Well, I seem to have headed off the impending Christmas flu - a timely shot of grappa in the afternoon got my vital spirits flowing again (at least that's my theory, built on a solid foundation of post hoc ergo propter hoc).
This story did my vital spirits a bit of good this morning too. 'Do as I say, not as I do' has always been the watchword of this humbug-heavy regime - and it's especially good to see that wee Milliband Minor, that tireless promoter of carbon-cutting, planet-saving and all the rest of it, is among the biggest culprits. Humbugs, the lot of them - and the whole 'green agenda' will, I'm pretty sure, be flattened by the approaching juggernaut of the recession. Talking of which, I'm pretty sure I heard Peter Jay on the radio in the small hours explaining that the current definition of a recession - two successive quarters of 'negative growth' - originated in nothing more than a back-of-the-envelope botch, plucked out of the air by one of LBJ's advisers (rather like the government's notorious 'safe drinking' guidelines - though with grappa there are indeed guideliness: One is just right, Two is too many, Three is not enough...)


  1. The little blighter may well be lurking in a dark corner Nige, more Grappa is required methinks.
    The classic Gov yardstick of all time was the "export figures" the great brain dead used to weigh the paperwork, 500 kilos last month, 550 kilos this month, whoopee, exports up by 10%.
    Grappa story, one evening some years ago at the Torino refuge on the Italian side of Mont Blanc (this is mainly used by the untermensch of the mountain world, the skiers), we were joined by a party from Elle magazine, doing a fashion shoot out on the glacier, complete with stick insects and film crew. They brought with them two cases of the finest Grappa and a rollicking good party ensued, the refuge is large and even had a disco. No one could remember who drank what or indeed at what point the stick insects stripped off. The next days shoot was cancelled as was out attempt on the giants tooth, and all for free.
    Elixer of the gods, Grappa.

  2. Ah Malty - you have lived...

  3. I too have a Grappa story to tell from the Italian Alps. I can't bear to recall all the grizzly details but it involved my then boyfriend being copiously sick on my feet. Even now the smell makes me want to retch.

    And on that note, Happy Christmas one and all.

  4. Happy Christmas Sophie - and best wishes to the guinea pigs.

  5. "and the whole 'green agenda' will, I'm pretty sure, be flattened by the approaching juggernaut of the recession"

    I find it odd that a man who enjoys nature so much, can be so hostile to the green movement.

  6. i think Nige is more suspicious of officialdom's take on environmental matters, Anonymous.

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