Tuesday 2 December 2008

Obama-Clinton Coe-Ovett

Watching Barack Obama introducing his 'dear friend' Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State took me back to that memorable scene at the 1980 Olympics when Steve Ovett, victorious in the 800 metres, held out his hand to Sebastian Coe. Clive James, if memory serves, described Coe's reaction to having to shake that hand as being like a man who's been asked if he'd mind holding this dog turd for a minute. Little Lord Coe, that charming man and true Corinthian, is now of course presiding over the mounting horror that is the London 2012 Olympiad.

1 comment:

  1. Good comparison Nige, that was an excellent piece of rivalry and from memory Ovett no gentleman.
    I saw Ibottson, Chataway and Bannister in an invitation mile some months after Bannister broke the four minute mile, Seb reminded me of those runners.

    So what are we to make of the Barack Hillary axis ? born of friendship, no.
    Pragmatism, no. Mutual fear and loathing, possibly.
    Barack, baby, get yourself a food taster.