Friday 19 December 2008

Walking By on the Other Side?

Clearly Broon hasn't read my epoch-defining post, No We Can't. Ah well, that is forgivable - he's a busy man, what with all the world-saving and stuff - but I'm not sure this nauseating appropriation of the parable of the good Samaritan is in any way forgivable.


  1. I think this one will run and run. Who's right? I dunno, I've not got much time for either of them to be honest

  2. French Fancy eh? I like the picture - which one's you?

  3. It's too bad there isn't somewhere politicians can go over Christmas. Even the homeless are given a warm meal by the many charities. As it is, politicians are left to wander the cold streets gripped by their craving for adulation, unable to resist involving themselves in the smallest trifles if it will reflect well on them (or badly on the Archbishop of Canterbury) and when all else fails telling enormous porkies: "Mr Brown said he had given 'no thought' to an election in 2009." Perhaps Prince Charles might have a few ideas. A few bracing weeks at sea on one of the Prince's Trust square-riggers, for example.

  4. The picture on my blog you mean? Under the index of family photos. They are both me - or do you mean the cakes? (penny drops) -I'm the little pink one.


    in 36 years we had 24 leap seconds at that rate a leap hour

    would take 2400 years to ever be needed or 1200 if you waited for the half way point for the first one to take place mmm before they would ever even propose this they must know something that are not telling us i stated 600 years before i did not check the math i just read it but here is 3600 seconds in a hour we use 1.5 leap seconds a year on average the time frame in question would make this pointless simple it would not bother em poeple would get used to in 15 minute increments every few hundred years start work at 9:15 big deal

    but if it ware to happen over a year or even 2 or 3 years this would change things a bit in the here and now politicians are only concerned with the here and now the here that changed a bit with the ability to transport poeple from place to place as well as weapons but the now is still considered the now our life span has not changed on that scale so if a politician is concerned about this now that is because it will happen soon and politicians will not come up with terms they will never use and these scientist are politicians they are on the pay roll and if they want to keep their jobs they play by the rules of politics not science but here they appear to clash a bit

    so we need a distraction like the economy or war these distractions many porpoises but it all boils down to do not look down rabbit hole