Friday 12 December 2008

The Trouble With Democracy...

is that voters have a nasty habit of voting the wrong way. The Irish did it with the Lisbon 'Treaty", so the EU's going to make them vote again - and get it right this time. It's a move that, with any luck, will backfire spectacularly, such is the unpopularity of the current premier Brian Cowan, a man you'd hesitate to let into your house to fix the boiler (I'll spare you an image link, but he looks much like a side of condemned bacon). And then the good people of Sark went and voted in a way the Barclay brothers didn't like, so they're in a big huff and it looks as if they're going to close down all their businesses in Sark (i.e. Sark). I knew it was madness to break with the feudal tradition and make this rash experiment in democracy...


  1. Yes Nige, Cowen does have that look about him. But you have to admit Brown is the male version of one of L Freud paintings also.
    However the Irish like the EU, what we dislike is unreadable crap.

  2. As well as the bacon, he resembles Ricky Tomlinson after a shave.

  3. I think I sholud add a health warning to Brit's link there - sheesh...