Tuesday 2 December 2008

News from Nowhere

Why is this preposterous fantasy being indulged? Ah I know - because we're still at the feelgood, aspirational stage and politicians like that. When, in a few years, fuel bills are soaring by 25 per cent and more, the lights are going out, industries are closing down, and great tracts of the country have been given over to useless wind turbines (doubly useless because by then there'll be no capacity to back them up), reality might finally bite - and people might finally get very angry at having been sold such delusional nonsense. All these absurd, wholly unworkable projections should be scrapped forthwith, Lord Turner should be taken to a discreet clinic, and we should get down to building more nuclear - and coal-fired (recognising that carbon capture is another delusion) - power stations. There is, as someone used to say, no alternative.


  1. Yes, last night Paxo put the question to Lord Loonie: what is the point of cutting our emissions when China will exceed any savings we might make faster than you can click your fingers? Loonie had no answer. At the price of sounding rather sour, Turner and his ilk are comfortably off people who can retire to another, warmer country whenever they feel like it, and they have absolutely no idea at all of what it's like to have to scrabble around for some coins for the meter to heat or light your home.

  2. The greatest danger Britain has faced since Adolf reached the channel ports is Labour winning another term in office. If that happens we are off, and I ain't f..king joking man.
    We already have an outline plan in the desk drawer.