Tuesday 20 January 2009


This auspicious day is also the birthday of the great George Burns, who was born in 1896 and for a long time looked as if he would never die. 'Acting is all about honesty,' he once said. 'If you can fake that, you've got it made.' He also remarked that 'Happiness is having a large, caring, tight-knit family in another city.' And 'It only takes one drink to get me drunk,' he said. 'The trouble is, I can never remember if it's the 13th or the 14th.' People as funny as Burns are rarely as decently human.

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  1. One of the immortals, George and Gracie, still hilarious. One of the unmissable TV shows of the 1950s, on the old 12 inch Bush black and white job, picture interference a no cost option, bought for the coronation so we missed the first 3 years.
    Every time I say goodnight Gracie to Frau Malty (quite often)she throws the dog at me.