Friday 16 January 2009

Carbon Emissions - Government Acts!

So, the government has decided to kickstart its bold campaign to cut carbon emissions by 80 percent by 2050 by backing the proposed expansion of Heathrow, a plan that will fill the southern skies with another quarter of a million or so flying machines. Naturally I'm agin it - if only because the new flight paths would come uncomfortably close to the suburban demiparadise I call home - but I console myself with the high probability that it will never happen. We can be sure of legal and planning challenges galore - and, by the look of the villagers of Stimson, some serious civil disobedience - and the long, convoluted process will barely have begun by the time of the election, which Labour must surely lose. The third runway will, with any luck, go down with them.
On the matter of airports, Boris Johnson is surely right. Heathrow, being where it is, should never have been expanded into a 'hub' airport, and certainly shouldn't be enlarged any more. The obvious and best solution is a new airport out in the badlands of the Thames estuary, with a high-speed rail link to the city - but this too will never happen. Why? Because of that sinister organisation the RSPB and its friends in very high places (touches finger to side of nose and winks - They know who they are...).

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  1. I shouldn't worry Nige, cat in hells chance is the phrase that springs to mind. Where do they get these job creation figures from ?, thin air I suspect. If it isn't built it should be because of the peoples will, not Greenwars.