Saturday 10 January 2009


Earlier on this bitter cold morning (thank you global warming), the trees and shrubs round here were a glorious sight. All the twiggy growth was silvered over with frost, while the trunks and branches were untouched. Wonderful frosty filigree effects, against the dark armature of the trees - especially striking on a group of tall, ivy-clad ashes - silver against the darkest green. I noticed that on the lower-growing plants the frost stood up in spiky whiskers all over, whereas on the trees it was a smooth and even sugaring. Both seemed prodigiously - and prodigally - beautiful, the more so for the commonplace suburban setting.
Meanwhile, redwings in the garden - and thrushes (song and mistle), blackbirds, sparrows, chaffinches, dunnocks, greenfinches, tits, wood pigeons, collared doves - and a pied woodpecker hammering away vigorously at a hanging lardball.


  1. Very lovely nature writing, Nige! Brightened my morning....

  2. And I'm highly amused by the thought of a pecker hammering away at a lardball.

  3. Nige, looks like you finally have some of our weather , looks cold.
    Did you see the fascinating programme about the cuckoo last night, don't tell Dick but it was Oddie free

  4. Went for a similarly beautiful walk this afternoon and not a bird to be seen. The deciduous trees all looked very lovely, but somehow the conifers looked like they had been sprayed with artificial frosting. Weird.