Friday 30 January 2009

The Tears of Gordon

I'm sure there are more important things going on in the world, but the story - and image - I can't get out of my mind today is the one about Gordon Brown becoming tearful as he pleaded with recalcitrant MPs to back the Third Runway at Heathrow. The political aspect of it is well dealt with here - this business is indeed yet another instance of just how completely this government, derelict and adrift, has lost the plot and pretty much everything else. But Gordon crying? What would that look like? What would it mean? What kind of man would shed tears for so paltry and self-serving a reason? Is this inappropriate emotionalism the other side of Brown's autism? The questions are endless... But never mind: ' a spokesman' has dismissed the story as ' nonsense' - and spokesmen always speak the truth, don't they? Especially this government's spokesmen.


  1. Smiling in the public eye
    but in my lonely room
    I cry the tears of a clown ...

  2. Himself is in need of some burden lightening, this is appropriate background music as the sobbing reaches a crescendo.
    His flaws probably stem from being a son of the manse which is similar to spending the first 18 years of life in the under stairs cupboard with just a dead cat for company and haddock for dinner, dressed in the style of Gilbert O'Sullivan, the only music the psalms, spending your pocket money punishable by flagellation, summer holidays spent with auntie Janice in Milngavie and being told that sex would make his willie shrink.
    C'mon Nige, if you were brought up in those circumstances wouldn't you weep when they tried to stop you building your third runway.

    The latest craze in Iceland, tee shirts with the words "Brown is the colour of poo"

  3. Nige, just found out the real reason for Gordon's sadness, and who among us can blame him. Whatever shall we do.

  4. Ah Malty - in the words of Nigel Molesworth, Enuff you slay me. You nail it on the head as ever. I wonder if this accounts for the strange silence of Dick Madeley. Maybe a new dream team is taking shape - Richard and Oddie...

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