Monday 12 January 2009


As it's the 50th birthday of Motown... enjoy (an appropriate use of a much abused word, I think - see Thought Experiments today). Bob Dylan once called Smokey Robinson the 'greatest living poet' - not one of his more measured utterances, but you can see what he meant...


  1. Motown sure needs them today, or at least the miracles, juniors friend who lives in Dearborn describes it as a city of lost souls.

  2. Although the Dylan quote has done the rounds for years, it seems he never said it. No one has ever been able to find a source and in 2005 a former Motown PR man named Al admitted to writing the 'quote' himself.

    Bob did, however, namecheck Smokey (amongst others) when asked to list his favourite poets at the famous San Francisco press conference in 1965. Altogether more 'measured' ...