Monday 19 January 2009


I can't quite believe the Tories have been mad enough to do this. Having spent so much time assiduously 'decontaminating the brand', Cameron now, with this single gesture, recontaminates it. Clarke, the alleged 'big hitter', is indeed a popular figure - with the people with whom he is popular (including his media cheerleaders) - but he has zero appeal to a wider public, who are more likely to find him a fat, smug, arrogant embodiment of a particular form of Tory unpleasantness which the party was supposed to have abandoned. Not to mention the obvious and huge potential for trouble over Europe. At this rate, I fear Cameron might yet contrive to keep Broon in power. Lord help us all... I think I'd better go out for some fresh air and (I hope) happier inspiration.

1 comment:

  1. The one good thing about Clarkie was his non PC attitude, cigar smoking, fat, sweaty, bad hairdo, all of the attributes we English hold closest to our hearts. The fact that he was wrong about nearly everything he did may however count against him.
    Bad move Dave, surely you have better choices than him in the Tory talent pool.
    Or perhaps not.