Sunday 7 June 2009

And Another

And - would you Adam and Eve it? - today is the 161st birthday of Paul Gauguin. Ah well, it's a welcome distraction from the steaming midden of 'politics' and Emperor Guano, still balefully immovable (on those almost imperceptible arches) atop the dungheap. Gauguin is, it seems, a saint of this very strange
'church', where his name sits in the list alongside that of Richard Payne Knight, who presumably gained the sainthood for his ground-breaking work, The Worship Of Priapus, rather than his theories of the picturesque. Funny old world. What's that in Tahitian?


  1. So then Nige, a bums and tits weekend it's to be, please, please, please not the Rubens one he did earlier of his missus. Gerhards photie of his walking down the stairs will do nicely though.

  2. That business about Courbet's Origin of the World over at TofE has obviously got to Nige. Can't stop posting filth, tut tut.

  3. I had a poster of this Gauguin painting in my living room for about five years when I was a poor grad student. Got it on sale at the Met. Museum of Art. Some years ago, I had occasion to compare some originals by Gauguin and Van Gogh from their time together painting in Arles. Gauguin stupidly did not use the same canvas and pigments (much less multiply layered and linseed-oiled technique) as his pal, and his paintings have faded over time. Van Gogh's still eye-poppingly bright and 3-D.