Friday 19 June 2009

A Shocker

Shocking news from the world of showbiz - cuddly national treasure Stephen Fry is morphing into his friend and fellow national treasure Dick Madeley. Proof, if any were needed, that all humanity aspires to the condition of Madeley.


  1. Im getting quite bored of this Fry fellow, he seems really quite needy what with all his twittering.

    And his willingness to allow himself to appear in the stinking quagmire of self-referential nationalistic auto-fellating whimsy that is 'Kingdom' shows that he has bought into his own concept, and consequently his id has'jumped the shark'

    Im not sure if ids can jump sharks, Im getting too postmodern to keep up with myself

  2. In Fry's case, an id can surely jump a shark. Glad you're enjoying Kingdom!

  3. My God, he does indeed look just like Dick! Terrifying...

  4. Oh my! It's uncanny.