Monday 15 June 2009

From the Virtual Post Bag

'The crookedness of the serpent is straight enough for the snake-hole. The crookedness of the river is straight enough for the sea. And the crookedness of our lord's men is straight enough for our lord.' This - from the 12th-century Indian philosopher and social reformer Basava - was sent to me by an Old Friend down in Devon. It seems strangely topical and apposite... From the unblogging Yard (taking a break from his world tour of Starbucks) I got a txt the other day telling me he's listening to (and loving) Emmylou Harris's glorious summation All I Intended to Be - her best album in years, though it needs a few listens to reveal itself. Here's a taste... And this morning, from my daughter in Wellington (NZ, not Somerset), I get this strangely beautiful item, which gives me a strong urge to emigrate...


  1. Do it! I actually had a dream you did, strangely enough, and you were very happy!