Monday 8 June 2009

Boring Art

A rather startling entry on that beautiful blog, Venice Daily Photo. 'I will not make anymore [sic] boring art,' declares John Baldessari, on a banner defacing the facade of Ca' Guistinian. The fact that he stands alongside Yoko Ono as recipient of a Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement tells you all you need to know really, but there's a fuller charge-sheet - sorry, record of lifetime achievement - here. Not make any more boring art? Sorry John, you just did.
Meanwhile, I discover that it wasn't a cold that hit me last week but a thoroughly nasty and insidious bug that renders a person good for little but sleeping for 7 days or more. I'm on day 6, so hoping it's nearly over. Groan...


  1. Can't stand the Ono woman or the type of art I asssociate her with (moronic single punchline stuff)

    by the way nige - here's a really interesting global warming piece you might want to read - should give you some good ammo for a while...

  2. Oh, Nige, I hope you feel better soon. I think my husband has the same bug -- he's been pretty much just sleeping for the last several days. Drag!

  3. Thanks Susan - and thanks for the link Worm. Looks interesting...

  4. I think art's retreat into 'conceptual' second-hand and second-rate philosophising is a sociological not aesthetic phenomenon. These sort of banally offensive messages could only seem revelatory to someone with an inadequate education. There's a whole class of people out there working in (or hanging on to) the arts who haven't got a scooby.