Thursday 4 June 2009

Democracy - Iranian Style

Things are kicking off in the Iranian election. If only our own elections were that much fun - and were fought between parties with radically different ideas of what to do. When our next one comes - when the undead Broon, or whoever replaces him, is finally wrestled into a corner and forced to name the day - we can be sure it will be a dispiriting affair.


  1. If today's Euro election is a foretaste then I agree Nige, deserted polling station, operatives bored out of their minds, voting form longer than a role of Sanderson's best, the ability to pick 'em in bulk, very little prior contact with the contenders, what a miserable, dull affair.
    Lets have some razzmatazz, perhaps a kazoo band, an elephant or two accompanied by men on stilts and clowns.

  2. I just voted. Took me half an hour to read through all the bloody candidates. I note that Jesus has finally gone political with the Almighty God Party or whatever.