Wednesday 4 May 2011


to those coming here recently for their daily dose of Nigeness, the tonic to the nation ('Since discovering Nigeness, I have used no other' - A. Person, Porlock). The 'cold' mentioned in the last post developed into what we medical men refer to as a humdinging stinker, which even deprived me of my voice for the whole of Sunday. I'm as good as over it now, but have also been beset by the inevitable busyness attendant on the Daughter's Wedding on Friday. Not technically a Wedding (the formalities having been attended to last month in New Zealand) but a Blessing. But then, as Groucho said, If it looks like a wedding, talks like a wedding and quacks like a wedding - it's a wedding.
As before, I shall be working up my speech from the finest models - and I anticipate another Happy Day. Normal blogging will be resumed soon, then - after the Big Day.


  1. The very best of luck to all concerned Nige, if that is something one is supposed to wish for participants in a wedding-type occasion - I've never been that hot on wedding-type etiquette.

  2. Your wedding etiquette is perfect Gaw and seconded by me. And bless them all.

    Word verification = Vigra !?!?!

  3. Thanks everybody. The Day has arrived and it seems, in George Formby's words, that it's 'turned out nice'.