Tuesday, 24 May 2011

White Americano: The Mystery Deepens

You know how it is - you ask for an Americano, and back comes the question, 'Do you want milk in that?' Rather than wearily remind the coffee jockey that an Americano is by definition black, being an Espresso to which hot water is added (in fact my own preference is the other way round, which preserves the crema and is technically known as a Long Black, but I know better than to ask for that), you politely reply, 'No, thank you.' Today I discovered from a barista that there is a further complication to all this - the White Americano. Ah, you might think - that'll be the Americano with milk that they're always offering me. But no, it is not - a White Americano, the barista explained, is an Americano that is not filled to the top, hence leaving white space visible above the coffee. But somehow I know in my bones that if I asked for a White Americano, I'd get an Americano ruined by the addition of milk. You can't win.


  1. Here in NZ, Nige, long blacks are the norm and are what I'm used to ordering. I remember asking for one last time I was back in Blighty and getting an amusingly blank look from the waitress...

  2. There is a reason why the Italians only have three basic types of coffee - Espresso, Cappucino, Macchiato(Latte or Espresso)- which is also the reason why only Italians can make proper coffee: you can have too much choice.

  3. If you just want a white coffee you generally have to have an 'Americano with milk'. How did it come to this?


  4. It is a national insult that y'all call that swill "Americano."

  5. I once ordered an Americano in a bar in Biarritz and the barman served me some sort of alcoholic drink.


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