Friday 20 May 2011

Talking to Gordon

So there I was, chatting away to Gordon Brown. It was all going surprisingly well, as we exchanged light-hearted remarks about family life, football (a bit one-sided there) and this and that. Good Lord, I thought - it's true what his supporters (or is it just his wife?) say: he really is a rather warm and witty human being. I made a mental note to revise my prejudices... At this point, a relaxed Gordon reached into a box of large expensive cigars, took one and lit up, without so much as waving the box in my direction. It smelt delicious too. Brown withdrew into his inner darkness, we fell silent, and I took my leave. 'See you' he said, with a small smile and wave.
Yes of course it was a dream, don't worry, and it visited me, for reasons unknown, last night. It was at once rather sweet and funny, and faintly unnerving, especially as Gordon seemed to have ensconced himself in one room of a large house otherwise filled with family and old friends (many of whom I now see in dreams more often than in the waking world). I do occasionally have these dreams of eminent figures - once, as long-memoried readers might recall, of Vladimir Nabokov. Another time it was Robert Frost, and a terrifying old man he was...


  1. I'm sure that, technically, this would be classed as a nightmare.

  2. Oddly enough I did once meet Oor Gurdie. That was long ago before he attained the 'glories' that were to come. It was when Lord Hanson tried to take down I.C.I. my then employer and so must have been 1991.

    I recall he had a nasty habit of ending every comment with his mouth hanging open. Thats a habit the PR folks stamped on very soon after. It was hard to pay any attention to what he said, you just waited for him to finish speaking filled with a dreadful anticipation.

  3. My reoccurring Brush With Greatness is Obama. And what a charming man he is and a good, if tall and skinny, hugger!