Thursday 19 May 2011

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Followers of The Dabbler will not need telling about Noseybonk's masterly treatise on The Theory And Practice Of Blogmanship, which is being serialised on that indispensable website. However, that's not going to stop Nigeness giving a shameless plug to this painfully funny anatomy of the low tricks we blogmen occasionally stoop to (even I, on this largely non-polemical blog, felt the odd twinge of shameful self-recognition). It's the funniest thing yet written about the strange world of blogging - and, what's more, it includes a picture of 'Mr Nige' posing proudly with the 8lb comment he landed back in April 2010. That alone is worth the (eminently reasonable) purchase price.


  1. Hope this means you're not suing me. I know you cherish your anonymity...

  2. I don't think anyone's likely to be accosting me on the street, threatening to unmask me as Mr Nige, Spine. It's a fine imaginary portrait that undoubtedly captures something of the elusive Nige essence (and, oddly, the nose)...