Tuesday, 24 May 2011


It's Bob Dylan's 70th birthday - a date I was sure would be marked by a fancy graphic on the Google home page, but it isn't. The BBC is, of course, all over this like a rash - especially the radio networks - but so far the low point has been hit, predictably enough, by our old friend Will Gompertz who, on last night's News, treated us to his very own homage to Subterranean Homesick Blues, throwing down a succession of cue cards as he delivered his usual stream of banalities - Enuf you sla me, as Nigel Molesworth would say. What's more, the BBC was going big on the 'new' shock revelation that Dylan had been on the heroin for a while (next week, What bears do in the woods)... Needless to say, the Dabbler rises to the occasion nobly with a thoughtful festschrift. Anyway - Happy birthday, Bob! And thanks for everything. Really.


  1. "Duluth [Minnesota, city of BD's birth] installs Dylan-inspired manhole covers":



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