Wednesday 11 May 2011

Vernon Again

While in Derbyshire, I was also introduced to a most delicious liqueur that I'd never come across before - Noyau de Vernon. It's made from the kernels not of apricots (as amaretto and various others are) but of cherries - and it certainly tastes of cherries. In fact it's rather like a cross between kirsch and amaretto, but without the sharpness of kirsch or the sweetness of amaretto - and it's got a good 40% kick. If you spot a bottle, buy it - as I would have done, had I but known, last October, for Vernon was the very town in which my brother and I found ourselves locked out of the hotel. Small world.


  1. Monet's house and garden: Your description is wonderful; I'm almost there! I have been told that the interior of the house is brilliantly painted in vibrant colours with bright yellow dishes set on a chunky dining room table as if Monet is about to come in & sit down to eat.

    C'est vrai?

  2. Vraiment vrai Barbara - but the tourist hordes can be formidable - we were lucky on our visit.