Tuesday 17 May 2011

Whither France? Whither the Euro?

This Dominique Strauss-Kahn business - couldn't have happened to a nicer chap, could it? Another Master of the Universe, believing himself untouchable, brought down by his unruly loins. But to the girdle do the gods inherit... It's said that his aides warned him to amend his predatory ways while in the US, where you can't reasonably expect to get away with that kind of thing (unless your name's Kennedy). Clearly he took no notice, and his imagined untouchable status cut no ice with the no-nonsense judge who dispatched him forthwith to Rikers Island.
The beauty of it is that this will destroy the French Socialists' chances of winning anything for quite a while, and, with Monsieur S-K (and his deputy) gone from the IMF, that body will come to its senses and stop the endless bail-outs of Europe's basket cases. In the long run, Monsieur S-K's ill-advised pounce might kill off the Euro, at least in those countries where it was never going to work. Here's to a future of drachmas, escudos and cheap Mediterranean holidays - merci, monsieur!


  1. This is going to bring down the Euro? Blimey.

  2. Who thought lowered of trousers could lower other things? Sorry. Cheap shot. We in Canada have BBC News and CNN (and Fox News if you have the stomach...I don't): Both (and presumably Fox was slathering over it) were leading the news with it...High-level rape tops high-level murdering of your own people any day.

    As to Edward Kennedy and his life-time of Congressional public service redemption for getting away with letting his "date" of the evening drown...I have been to the bridge at Chappaquiddick on Martha's Vineyard. Signs say the bridge is unsafe: it is built like a wooden tank.

    We peered over the low bridge at the 2" deep water; hard to believe a car could even get under water. Locals call it "The Kennedy Carwash".

    My husband and I saw it with a friend (in his 40s) & his latest bed candy, so young and so beautiful she didn't need history.

    When we told her why we were going to see this famous landmark, she said, "EDWARD Kennedy? I didn't know John had a brother!!"

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  6. oooh, who could resist a guest sausage review??

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