Sunday 9 November 2008

The BBC Does It Again

Hats off to the BBC's crack team of crisis managers! They've managed to keep the Ross-Brand row in the papers for yet another week, culminating in the jawdroppingly belated broadcast of a botched apology - no doubt the product of many hours of 'meetings' (they're what the BBC does). And then it had to be rewritten.


  1. And it gets worse - now they've decided to sack one of their most likeable and professional presenters, Ken Bruce, and replace him with Simon (hold the) Mayo. This is beginning to look like a death wish...

  2. "They've lost the plot" should forthwith be called "they've BBCeed"
    You would expect no less from an organization who replaced J Young (who was getting past it) with the vacuous prat's vacuous prat, J Vine whose entire Raison d'etre is to turn piffling issues into major drama whilst stirring in rubbish music and adding a dash of hot air.

  3. i call them 'Pravda' now, it seems more appropriate.