Monday 10 November 2008


What would Jesus make of these scenes at the Holy Sepulchre Church? What indeed would he make of the very existence of such a building - or of 'Christianity'?


  1. He would think "Life of Brian gets funnier every time I watch the DVD"

  2. The site seems to have attracted brawling and eccentricity from the get-go. Perhaps JC and his posse were a rougher bunch than we credit. Have you visited it? I went once and was soon grabbed by a beardie-weirdie and taken to his corner of the church so that I could put my mite into his collecting box before anyone else got a look in. It may have been mad but it wasn't bad. I rather hope that JC would have enjoyed the show and then moved on to do the real overturning business in the Westfields of our world.

  3. You're right there Mark - and no doubt JC wld find plenty of comedy in the spectacle of Xtianity - he was Jewish after all.