Wednesday 5 November 2008


Here's Charles Pooter of Diary Of A Nobody fame - a bit of a hero and role model of mine - enjoying Bonfire Night:
'In the evening we went round to the Cummings' to have a few fireworks. It began to rain, and I thought it rather dull. One of my squibs would not go off, and Gowing said: 'Hit it on your boot, boy; it will go off then.' I gave it a few knocks with the end of my boot, and it went off with one loud explosion, and burnt my fingers rather badly. I gave the rest of the squibs to the little Cummings boy to let off.'
And I've just discovered that there's an online version of the Diary.


  1. That's a good find. Bah! If everything went right - and rockets bombes of all kindes are going off all around as I write this - no one would have anything to complain about tomorrow. Are the baked potatoes going to turn out all right? Can't have a proper bonfire without baked potatoes. We expect a full report tomorrow.

  2. Bonfire night all but undetectable down my way - just the faint fizz of sparklers and the distant zizz of underpowered rockets. Pathetic.

  3. Pooter's a hero of mine too. One of those books that's still properly funny now - along with 3 Men in a Boat and 1066 and All That.