Wednesday 12 November 2008

Inner Oddie

My inner Oddie had a bit of a treat just now. Walking in Holland Park (an eddy in the NigeCorp maelstrom having flung me briefly clear), I saw - or mostly heard - a party of foraging Fieldfares, flying noisily from tree to tree. This doesn't often happen in London, so I was quite pathetically excited.


  1. Not pathetically. Quite reasonable. Every man needs to tickle his inner Oddie once in a while. Luckily, some of us get to tickle the outer Oddie too.

  2. I thought that we an agreement.....oh well, sod it then.
    The wee man was chucking a wobbler recently, at an interviewer asking him questions, how dare he approach the exalted one, the repository of all things avian, humbler of Kate, public face of the optics industry, splutterer supreme, his most holy eggyness, Bill the conker.