Friday 28 November 2008

Randy Again

Randy Newman - no stranger to this blog - is 65 today. Another of those birthdays that make you suddenly feel that bit older yourself... Here he is in his younger days, singing one of his most beautiful songs. Enjoy...


  1. Nice one Nige, just the ticket after a day mainly spent logging (not on but chopping down)
    It followed a Chris Barber session ending in Bad Penny Blues. So shagged can't go out and in any case as a conservative am now deeply concerned about being arrested by the Guardians military enforcers, the plod.

  2. Listen to the lyrics of that song...It's a negro spiritual. I wondered at "don't have to scuff your feet in the jungle" to have enough to eat, but I knew it for sure when he hit the "buckwheat cakes and watermelon." This is about free blacks coming to America. Well, i hope free. Do you know the origin of the lyrics, Nige? Surely not by Randy Newman.

  3. Yes it's an extraordinary song Susan. I think you could break it down to a slave trader's pitch which steals beauty, lyricism and yearning from negro spiritual - heavily ironic, as always with RN, but here the beauty wins out, I think.