Wednesday 26 November 2008

A Doozy

I pass this story on simply in the interests of enhancing the gaiety of nations. Perfect in every detail, it made me laugh quite immoderately on a dank grey morning - and of course put me in mind of that classic scene in Withnail and I when W attempts to bypass a urine test.


  1. A doozy would actually be a good name for the device...if they hadn't already come up with The Whizzinator, which is genius.

  2. As impressive as this Whizzinator sounds, this report leaves too many questions unanswered. More intriguing is this 'false urine'. What exactly is false urine? What goes into it and can I make it at home? What does it do to flower beds? Does it come out of carpets? What would it do to muggers and chuggers?

  3. Restores your faith in human nature, number one must have been a pre production trial model. Wonder if the Jewish model was circumcised.
    Dick, false urine, available in pubs under the trade name of Fremlins Ale.

    A good defence lawyer could have claimed that they were sex toy manufacturers