Tuesday 17 February 2009

Baa Thump

There have been strange goings-on among the wildlife of the Outer Hebrides, to judge by this report. Probably, if you observe any kind of living creatures for long enough, you'll see them doing odd things - I reckon my local crows are up to all sorts when we're not looking, probably plotting the overthrow of us humans. The way they look at me when I walk past can be quite unnerving.
Stinky Bay, Benbecula, sounds like a most attractive destination - and it isn't only dunlin that turn up there...


  1. It's unfortunate that when I finally comment, I leave a link behind. Sorry.

    Perhaps your concern at being overthrown by crows isn't as far fetched as you might think.

    If you haven't yet encountered the following, and enjoy learning about bird behaviour, may I suggest the following ten minute video.


  2. Bother, the entire link doesn't seem to be appearing.

    I'll try again. If, however, it doesn't work, sorry for making a mess of things.

    It's worth going to Tedtv and searching the index there. Joshua Klein talking about crows' intelligence.


  3. Thanks Jonathan - the link's fine but my technology here at NigeCorp is so primitive I can't play it, so it will have to wait till I'm home. Sounds intriguing...

  4. That head butting young sheep, I bet he owns a Lambretta.

    If the young eagle owns a Gold Star, there you have it, the mods and rockers are back.

  5. Ah Malty - now there's an image...

  6. He's learning from the local Scots...

  7. There ain't many Scots left in the Hebrides Anon, they're all home counties bunny huggers, sold the 2 bed semi in Bromley, headed north with a thick wad. 3 years later, heading south with tail between legs muttering about the unfriendly natives, the ones that go with mint sauce.
    Been going on for years, Skye used to be a wild lonely place, a different world, now full of people moaning "ain't arf bleedin' cold up here mite"

  8. Corvids are the eyes and ears of the old one-eyed god. If they seem to be watching you be sure you are being watched...heh heh heh (evil chuckle)