Wednesday 18 February 2009

Stanford - Who'd Ever Have Guessed?

So, as the 'massive fraud' charges fly, it seems 'Sir'Allen Stanford (company motto 'Hard work, clear vision, value for the client') is not quite the fine upstanding honourable gentleman we all took him for, but more of a Texan Bernie Madoff. Well actually nobody with half a brain would have taken him for anything but a shyster. Unfortunately that half-brain qualification rules out the people who run English cricket - or, to be fair, any sport. The one who does come out of this sounding like a fine upstanding honourable gent is the gloriously named PM of Antigua, Baldwin Spencer (what else could he be but a PM?). How's this for a measured statement? Magnificent.


  1. I'd never heard of this chap till yesterday, not being more than an occasional follower of cricket. I'm glad he's a "Sir" and seems to like blazers and striped ties of the Rotarian kind. Very plausible. Only a monocle is missing, possibly also a Mauser pistol in a fine leather holster. Too bad Mr Madoff isn't a Lord or even a Marquis. It all adds a certain spice, especially if things come to trial. Isn't it astounding that Madoff is still only under house arrest. He must be cutting one heck of a deal with the US authorities.

  2. We seem to be at the stage now where "coming out of the woodwork" is no longer adequate. Pouring forth or the domino effect may be more suitable, the word billion has lost all meaning.
    Old Baldie's some character, loved the bit about damaging the area's reputation. What, as a crooks watering hole.

    I read an article that said the Madoff affair would keep the NY lawyers in double time for the next twenty years.

  3. I'm no Stanford fan - I hated and slated that million dollar match - but this is bad news for West Indies cricket. The world needs a decent West Indies side.