Wednesday 4 February 2009

BBC Aims for the Foot Again

We all know, do we not, that the BBC is working tirelessly night and day to find new ways to foul up - but this one is a real jawdropper. Despite careful spinning to make it appear that Miss T was being 'racist' about a black player, it's now becoming apparent that she was referring to the bizarre spectacle presented at times of stress by Andy Murray's hair. In a private conversation, what's more. The only conclusion we can draw is that the word 'golliwog' itself is, in any context - even off-air - offensive as far as the BBC is concerned. Meanwhile, the charmless lout Chris Moyles (a Radio 1 'disc jockey', m'lud) is repeatedly complained against, often on grounds of racism, and generally escapes uncensured. And smirking middle-aged teenager Jonathan Ross, having made obscene, probably criminal prank calls to an old man - on air - returns to his absurdly lucrative BBC work after a mere suspension. The BBC regards the likes of Moyles and Ross as 'the Talent', and therefore largely immune, whereas small fry like Carol Thatcher they will come down on like a ton of bricks. Well, more fools them - especially as, with their unerring instinct for crisis mismanagement, they've clearly gone and shot themelves in the foot yet again.

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  1. The only thing that prevented me from hurling the log through the TV screen and not, as intended, on the fire were the dire warnings emanating from Frau Maltys corner. I had just heard one of the BBC minions utter the sentence "this would be against the BBCs strict code of impartiality", this in relation to its mystifying hissy fit over the Gaza appeal.
    The BBC, impartial, in their dreams, for years they have conducted a campaign against anything tory or Thatcherite
    One of the BBCs little fascists, K Wark on the night of the Blair victory was interviewing Peter Lilley and was orgasmic with glee. This moronic bint should be investigated by the fraud squad over her very suspicious dealings with the Hollyrood numpties.
    What does the BBC do? let her keep her job.
    Shut them down, give the contract to Al Jazeera, they would do no worse.