Wednesday 4 February 2009

The High Life

It seems that Aeroflot still keeps up the best traditions of Soviet-era aviation, with a strong emphasis on customer relations and health and safety. The story is reminiscent of life aboard Air Scotia in the camper-than-camp aviation sitcom from the 90s, The High Life - which, by happy chance, BBC4 is currently repeating.


  1. Ha, we're all becoming softies. I suspect the Russians know how to do these things properly. I once took a flight on Paraguayan Military Airlines, on an old Dakota. On boarding I noticed the pilot - in T-shirt and jeans - had a bottle of firewater tucked down by the throttle controls and from which I later saw him swigging. I don't think we ever rose above about 50 ft on the entire journey. The flight was a real tree-cutter. It was a bit risky getting out of one's seat as there was no rear door either, just some netting up to about 3ft to stop the chickens getting out. These had been loosed into the aisle by the other passengers who were all puking copiously. I think there may have been a goat or two in the aisle as well. I've never had such fun on a plane.

  2. Blimey Mark - you get around! I shan't ask what you were doing in Paraguay...

  3. Years ago, just thumbing my way around South America, the only means of getting upcountry short of a donkey was with the military, nothing Greene-ish ... Uncle Alf was still running the show, the girls were lovely and I didn't spot any of the "Boys from Brazil" ...

  4. There was a late evening Sabina shuttle from Brussels to Newcastle that I used regularly, one night an announcement was made as we took off, the pilot and hostess had just become engaged, out came the champagne and a rollicking good 90 minutes ensued, everyone on board was reasonably glassy eyed, including the pilot and co pilot, I swear it was the smoothest landing ever.
    Civilian scary moments are one thing, the military's something else, there's an old friend of mine who used to sit in the cockpit of a Buccaneer for hours on end with an H bomb bolted to it, in a hardened shelter in the Hunsruck waiting for his gaffer to say go.

    The high life, spot on Nige, very funny.