Wednesday 18 February 2009

A Single Alien in Possession of a Good Fortune...

Well now, here's a thing. I suppose it goes to show how enduring and indestructible Jane Austen's work is - and the fascination it continues to exert, even if it finds some strange expressions. Maybe there's a whole new subgenre in this - take a literary masterpiece, plonk an alien down in the middle of it, and see what happens...


  1. Does any of these actually exist? Has anyone actually seen for themselves any sign of these?

  2. What, aliens or the films? The first's a big question (try Bryan Appleyard - he wrote the book). As to the films, Pride and Predator exists as much as any film in preprodction can be said to exist- which isn't very much. If it's ever made, it'll most likely be straight to DVD.

  3. It is a truth universally acknowledged that all articles about Pride and Prejudice must open with the phrase 'it is a truth universally acknowledged'.

    Tut tut, you missed by a clause, Nige, so I've just had to remedy the omission for you.

  4. I had the distinct impression that by the last chapter Bryan had turned into an alien, or at the very least joined them.

    That's an interesting idea Nige, that Queen Anne chest on chest in the corner is really Zaphod Beeblebrox.