Friday, 13 February 2009

Next time, Boris - get medieval...

Reading this, one can only marvel at Boris's restraint. You want an expletive-laden rant? I'll show you an expletive-laden rant - no I won't actually, but whatever Boris's measured remarks amount to, they are hardly an expletive-laden rant. You have to bear in mind that he was dealing with one of the oiliest, slipperiest, most comprehensively noxious specimens to be found even in the purlieus of Westminster. Vaz is quite possibly the world's most annoying man, and Boris showed remarkable restraint in not going round to his place and getting seriously medieval with his sorry ass. It would have been a public service...


  1. Agreed. After watching Vaz's sanctimonious performance on Newsnight yesterday I had to wash my hands.