Wednesday 18 February 2009

New Meanings: Top Shelf Literature

Here we go again - yet another example of the proactive appeasement that now seems to be ineradicably entrenched in the collective mindset of the 'public services'. This particular instance seems to be a strong argument for maintaining the Dewey Decimal System of classification - there's no arguing with Melvil Dewey's iron law. In any public library, users are forever moving books from shelf to shelf and putting them back in the wrong place. When I was myself a librarian, I found that putting them back in the right place was one of the curious guilty pleasures of the job.

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  1. "..the curious guilty pleasure.." I must compliment you on your description of working in a library. To pay for university I worked as a librarian's assistant in a small county library in the midwest. When you entered through the thick oak doors time seemed to suspend itsself like dust in sunlight. I often felt that I learned more there than at university. Thank you for reviving those memories for me.