Monday 9 March 2009

Bawden. Enjoy

Today is Edward Bawden's birthday (he'd be 106 if he were still with us) - a date that cannot go unmarked here at the illustrated blog. There's something about Bawden's work that always lifts the heart and leaves a smile on the face - no darkness about him, even in his war pictures. Here's a fine site with more images and links to Bawden heaven. Enjoy.


  1. Thank you!

    I'd never heard of Bawden before, so thanks for this! I am particularly interested in modernist art, and I love these images! Especially the picture of smithfield market and the london monument images - amazing!!!

    ...and a quick search on ebay throws up a fair few nice ones for purchase, excellent!

  2. Nige is the master of conjuring up interesting cultural titbits of which previously I had not heard....of. And usually on their birthdays too.

    This Bawden is a classic bit of Nigeness.

  3. Nice- sort of psychedelic. A few of them do seem fairly dark though... not that it bothers me.

  4. Thank you for introducing me to Edward Bawden's work.

    I especially enjoy the sample included in your blog entry. Flannery O'Connor, one of my favorite writers, would have also enjoyed Bawden's aviary.

    As always, you give your blog visitors wonderful new tidbits to sample. The Bawden link is another superb example of your generosity and importance as a blogger.