Monday 23 March 2009

A Green Defeat

Interesting times. No sooner has humanism been outed as a faith than belief in global warming is defined as a 'philosophical belief'. This ruling might appear to be a victory for the greens, but is in fact a defeat. The consensus warmists tell us repeatedly that the case is closed, facts are facts, there's no debate, you can no more disbelieve in global warming than in gravity or the laws of thermodynamics - it's scientific reality. This indeed was the line taken by the defence in this interesting case - and the judge rejected it. The claimant's commitment to the green cause amounted, he decided, to a 'philosophical belief' (which, legally, is halfway to a religious belief - but let's not go there). Well, the thing about a philosophical belief is of course that it is, by definition, open to debate. This ruling therefore confirms that the case is not closed on manmade global warming. Unfortunately it also means that any troublemaking greenist pain in the butt who's making his fellow employees' lives a misery is probably now untouchable.


  1. "Newton's laws of thermodynamics": oops - no such laws exist. Zeroth, First, Second, Third, but not Sir Isaac's.

  2. Thanks Dearieme - you live and learn. Or rather live and forget...

  3. oops - no such laws exist.

    I have a philosophical belief they do. So sack me.