Thursday 12 March 2009

Pedestrians - It's Getting Worse

I don't like the sound of this one bit. It might be fair enough if drivers interpreted the crossing lights less loosely than they do - and if there weren't squadrons of bat-out-of-hell cyclists zooming around town ignoring all traffic controls, not to mention the distinction between roads and pavements. Even with the lights set at currents speeds, I've often seen the halt and lame stranded halfway across - at this rate they won't even dare to start out on the perilous journey across the road. Make life harder for the motorists, I say - they must be mad to be driving in London, and waiting while people cross the road is surely among the least of their irritations - and a whole lot easier for the pedestrians.


  1. In theory, plod assumes in the case of an accident involving pedestrians, that the "onus" is on the motorist to avoid the pedestrian considering the behaviour of many motorists in city centres, not many are aware of this.
    Yer actual Germans are a marvel to watch at pedestrian crossings obeying absolutely the lights, to the French however a red light is merely a suggestion to slow down, zebra crossings a convenient parking place.
    You're right about driving in London Nige, for years my cousin drove to his office in the city from Swiss Cottage, I thought he was batty, and told him so.

  2. From the comments in the linked article:

    Instead of trying to get us to run across roads the Mayor should be trying to improve our quality of life by slowing down the pace of life.

    Slowing down the pace of life? A tall order even for Boris I fear. He's only one man, after all.

  3. It's gotten to the point that I always look up and away from any intersection I am waiting to cross, trying to make sure that I won't be watching if someone gets hit.