Thursday 26 March 2009

Word of the Day: Colleague

Earlier today, the following announcement came over the tannoy at my local supermarket:
'Will all colleagues go to the colleague restaurant for the colleague huddle, which is happening now.'
What the...?


  1. Were you tempted to disguise yourself as a colleague and get in there for some hot huddling action?

  2. Now you mention it... Definitely a missed opportunity there.

  3. Only if the in house uniform included a cravat as well as the tabard.

  4. It's all to do with 'equality' - most big corporations have banned words like staff and employees and replaced them with 'colleagues' to make everyone feel warm, fuzzy and included. Heaven knows about the huddle though!

  5. I was once impressed by a sign in a shop window near me which stated: 'We have been officially informed by an official of the official situation pertaining to......'

    Oooo I must get a little hand put on this watch!