Monday 9 March 2009

The Seinfeld Reunion - What Will It Be?

I'm not sure why, but the news of an impending Seinfeld reunion makes me feel rather uneasy - even if it is taking place on Larry David's sublime Curb Your Enthusiasm. I guess it's my reflexive distrust of reunions, the going through the same river twice thing. Good seldom comes of reunions, in comedy or music - an act comes together, establishes a chemistry, finds its place, then (usually) falls apart and can't be put back together again. And Seinfeld was all about chemistry - what else could have sustained a sitcom about disagreeable people doing deplorable things, with no hugs, no learning, no redemption? That such a show, breaking all the rules of the game, should not only have succeeded but become the biggest sitcom in the world is altogether extraordinary. Only in America. I doubt it would even have got made in the UK. Well, that chemistry and that time are gone for good, and I'm sure Larry David knows that, so it will be intriguing to see what he does with his four old 'friends'. Curb is already a kind of metacomedy; bringing Seinfeld (which of course was David's creation) into the mix will create - what - a kind of metametacomedy, I suppose. Will it be funny? Probably it will, with that much talent involved. It won't be Seinfeld. It will be fascinating to see what it will be.


  1. It'll probably be very clever (though sometimes things get so clever they forget to be funny - like Chris Morris's Blue Jam a few years ago).

  2. What I await with great interest is Woodie Allen's next movie, with Larry David. On paper.......